BSST supports projects initiated by grassroots organisations that challenge oppression, injustice and disadvantage, and that are committed to resolution of the conflict in Israel/Palestine based on equality and mutual respect.

We assist these groups with:

Direct grants
Post Box service



Our grant-giving guidelines explain the kind of projects and activities BSST supports. It is essential that you review these before you apply for a grant.

To apply for a grant you must complete our application form:

Grant Application Form (Microsoft Word format)
Grant Application Form (pdf format)

BSST works with groups with limited resources that they make small sums go a long way. If you are a large organisation or you need more than £5,000 your application is unlikely to be successful. Mostly BSST donates between £1,000 and £3,000.

When you fill in our form, tell us what you really need. If you want us to help pay for a specific project, ask for project funding.  If, instead, you need us to cover some of your everyday running costs – for example, rent, coordinator salary, electricity bills etc. – then ask us for core funding. We are equally willing to provide core funding or project funding.

Leave enough time: It is crucial that you apply well in advance of the time when you need the funds. It may take up to 3 months before we can tell you whether or not your application is successful. BSST does not fund retrospectively, or projects that have already started.

Final Report: When you have completed the work we have funded, we require that you send us a report telling us how you used the funds, which activities were successful and (if relevant) which were not. We will ask what has been achieved during the project, and what outcomes have resulted for your community on an ongoing basis as a result of the project. Please don’t worry if some aspect of your project does not work as expected; of course we hope it will succeed, but it is important that you report on aspects of the project that were effective as well as those that could be improved. This will help guide us in awarding future grants.

Finally, if you have photographs from the project, we would be very pleased to have them for our website and annual report.


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If there is a humanitarian emergency we may waive our normal guidelines. We might not apply our normal rules about size of donations or organisations that we help, and we may make an emergency appeal for funds.


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As well as supporting groups with direct grants, we offer a ‘Post Box’ Service for groups and organisations in Israel, Palestine and Britain who do their own fundraising in Britain, but who do not have funds transfer facilities here.

If these groups fit our criteria, we can receive donations on their behalf. By forwarding several donations at a time, we can minimise the amount spent on bank transfer fees. Where appropriate, we also collect Gift Aid on the donations which can increase the value of donations by 25%.

To apply for a set up a Post Box service for your organisation you must complete our application form:

Post Box Request Form (Microsoft Word format)
Post Box Request Form (pdf format)

Leave enough time: It may take up to 3 months before we can tell you whether or not your application is successful. Once we have set up your Post Box service, you can ask your donors to send their contributions to BSST, but remember to leave time for your fundraising, cheques must reach BSST, funds must clear our bank account, before we can transfer money to you.

BSST will normally only transfer money to your organisation once we have around £2,000 to transfer. This helps keep bank charges to a minimum.